SAY Build-Out Area Rule Edited

SAY Build-Out Area Rule Edited: PDF | PowerPoint


that on all free kicks the opposing players must vacate the Build-Out Area, this is mentioned towards the end of the video below. Hope this helps and you can share with your refs and coaches.

Build-Out Area (LAWS VIII & XI) (Wings – 10U)

Opponents must move outside Build-Out Area on all free kick and goal kick restarts by the defending team originating from within the Build Out Area; opposing players must remain outside Build-Out Area until ball is back in-play as per SAY Playing Rule VIII

Opponents must move outside Build-Out Area whenever the goalkeeper gains possession of the ball; opponents may not re-enter the Build-Out Area until the goalkeeper either throws the ball, rolls the ball, or places the ball on the ground AND kicks it Players can only be in an offside position when they are in their opponent’s Build-Out Area.